Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lessons from the Soap Operas

Sometimes I want to comment on something that is happening on one of the soap operas I have on during the day. Then I think that I don't really want to tell people that I watch soap operas. Truthfully, it's not like I actually watch. They're just on during the day - as background noise and time markers. Because I don't care that much what happens, I can have them on and still get things done.

I had some woman call me from some market research company the other day and want to ask me questions about the shows I watch. The hard part was when she wanted to know how many hours per week I watch daytime dramas. That must be the proper word for soap operas - daytime dramas. Anyway, when I asked her to define watch, she wasn't much help. I realize they just have a list of questions to read, but it's still irritating. I didn't end up going through the whole survey this time, but I had someone call to ask me the same kinds of questions a while back. It turned out that mostly they were looking to see what people thought of certain couples on the show. Questions were like, "What do you think of Nick and Phyllis together?" "How do you feel about Jack and Sharon?" I guess it gave me the opportunity to express my opinion. No, I don't like the way no one seems to be able to stay married on these shows and someone is always messing around with someone they shouldn't be messing around with. I didn't get to actually say that, but I did get to rate the cheating couples really low. I don't care what kind of chemistry they have. They should not be together.

The sad thing is that the daytime dramas aren't the only shows that treat relationships so casually. It's everywhere - on TV, in the movies. Then, try explaining healthy relationships to a teenage girl.

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  1. I used to watch Soap Operas but haven't watched any in a couple of years now. I'm too busy blogging. lol


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