Thursday, February 07, 2008

Drama Again

It started snowing Tuesday afternoon, and of course, Beth had to work. So, when she called when she got to work and she was obviously upset, my first thought was that something had happened on the drive to work. No, she was fine. The problem was that she had finally heard from Tim (the boyfriend) and he was in jail. She'd been all mad at him when she left because she hadn't heard from him all day. Now she knew why.

In between work and on her breaks she managed to find out that he was in jail because he had failed to pay some outstanding tickets. I'm not sure what all he has to pay, and he's gotten some of them dropped, but a lot of this is coming from last year when he just up and disappeared for a couple months. He was supposedly getting things back on track, but then he disappeared for a while around Thanksgiving, and he got behind. Now the whole thing has to be paid off or they're going to keep him in jail for a month. I fail to see the logic in putting someone in jail because they haven't paid - because obviously locking them up where they can't work and make any money to pay will solve that problem.

Beth wanted to know if we could help him out, because the family he's living with can't afford to pay the whole fine. Looking at Tim's track record, I really don't trust him to pay us back. Since Tim also works for the guy he's living with (Jim), he can garnish his wages to be sure he gets his money back. So, we agreed to pay half, and then Jim will pay us back from Tim's wages. If he learns something from this and finally gets his life back on track that will be good. Beth seems to think she has a future with this guy, and we keep asking, "Is this the way you want to live?"


  1. Wow....Sounds like one messed up situation. I pray that Beth will find someone truly worthy of her. It sounds like this guy is a bit shady. I remember being young and feeling like she probably feels. My mom didn't allow me to see my boyfriend but I did it anyway behind her back. It only lasted a year, then he started to show his true colors and he never changed. Recently, I saw his obituary in the newspaper and was very saddened. I hate that his life turned out the way it did and resulted in his early death at the age of 34. Beth probably can't see herself without this guy. I tell ya though, wisdom comes with age. Praying that things start to look up in this situation!

  2. hahaha OH MAN I so have been where you are it is so hard to know what to do. She/HE is lucky there is the dad are your house that was NOT at ours. Ours said no way!!!!Ihope he gets on track after this.


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