Monday, February 04, 2008

Give Me 5 Monday - Websites You Visit

The topic of today's list is - Give Me Five most often visited websites other than your blog and your email account...and why!

  1. My Google reader - so I can read what's going on with all my friends. Still, I have trouble keeping up, but before I figured out how to use a reader to subscribe to everyone's blogs, it was hopeless. Deb @ Mom of 3 Girls has recently written a series of posts explaining RSS, subscribing to blogs, and using Google Reader. If you have any questions, you will definitely want to read those posts:
    1. So what is Feedburner all about anyway? Feeds and RSS - Part 1
    2. So what is Feedburner all about anyway? Feeds and RSS - Part 2
  2. PayPerPost - hoping to find something fun to write about that also pays me the big bucks. Hey, it could happen.
  3. Facebook - When I first signed up, I wasn't very impressed, but I have gradually added more and more friends. I have found people from college, people I used to go to church with, and some of my blogging friends, and added them to my friends. Most important? Scrabulous! I have to keep checking to see if it's my turn.
  4. Our local library website - checking to see what's due, reserving books and movies, checking the schedule, etc.
  5. IMDB - What a great resource! All things movies. I keep a list of all our movies there, and it's so helpful when we're watching a movie and we start to wonder, "Where else have I seen that actor?"
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  1. Google reader is my favorite. I can't imagine being without it. Great list. Have a wonderful GM5. :)

  2. It seems like I'm hearing about more and more people being on Facebook. Maybe I should check into it?

    Yeah.. like I need one more reason to sit on my butt all day. LOL

  3. I can't live without my Google Reader. I also love Facebook and am addicted to Scrabulous! Oh, I forgot about IMDB - that's a great site that my husband and I both visit a lot!

  4. Great only question is...what kinds of DVD's can you get from a library? I may be showing my ignorance because I rarely (like maybe 3 times since grade school) go in a library but if you can borrow movies...why does Blockbuster do so much business?? LOL

  5. Oh by the way....have you started on any PayU2Blogs??? You mentioned having a password now...I was just wondering how you like it so far??

  6. I didn't get in on this yesterday, but I agree about Google Reader and IMDB (I think my hubby lives on that site, LOL). And thank you so much for including my posts! :)

  7. skittles - Facebook can be pretty much a waste of time, but it seems to be a good way to connect with old friends.

    misty dawn - We should so connect on Facebook and play Scrabulous! That would be fun.

    beccagirl - We can get all kinds of DVDs at our library. Sometimes I have to wait for the latest movies, but that's OK because they don't cost me anything, and I get to keep them for a whole week. Blockbuster is for those people who don't like to wait. About PayU2Blog - the first assignment I did was very confusing, so I'm hoping they aren't all like that. Come on, people, ease me in here!

    deb - Your posts are great. I'm looking forward to Part 3

  8. I'm really enjoying reading everyone's lists this week. Finding some new and interesting sites! :-)


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