Wednesday, March 19, 2008

About theFiremen

I found it. It was one of my friends on LiveJournal who mentioned one of the signs of Spring being the firemen starting to jog in their shorts again. Of course, she lives a bit further south, so she's going to be seeing Spring a little sooner than we are here. I'm not quite desperate enough to start looking for Branson hotels in the hopes that Missouri is far enough south for Spring to be arriving. It might happen, though. You never know.

And speaking of my dear LiveJournal friend - I hope this Spring's weather is much kinder to her and to her family than last Spring's.


  1. Most of the fire persons in my village are volunteers and as such are deeply appreciated however since most are getting up there in age I hope I never witness them running in shorts it would not be a pretty sight

  2. Some of the fireman around I might like to see jogging in shorts. LOL I know.....I'm bad. :o)

  3. woah, did you say firemen running and wearing less clothing?

    Where might one be able to whitness such a sight ;-)

    Psss... don't forget Rockin' With Frigga ;-)


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