Thursday, March 06, 2008 - a Make Money Blog

Since I realized that it's possible to make money through blogging, I've always got an eye out for information on how to make more. Admit it, you do it too. (insert smile here) has some interesting suggestions for earning money, and even hosts his own Domain Tournaments and gives away some money over there. From what I can tell, bloggers enter their domains into the tournament and then everyone else gets to vote for the best domain. The winning domain gets the money. It sounds kind of fun.

It's not all about making money. It's also about better blogging. The 'How To' category has some very good information about using images in your posts, adding favicons to your site, creating a sitemap, and more. In the end, better blogging can help your blog earn more money, so it's all very useful information.

The Noob has also started an interview section where he interviews the people behind the web. For instance, he did this Blog Interview with Graham of Entrecard. Since I've just started using Entrecard, it was interesting to read about the man behind it. He's only 22! The Noob himself looks pretty young, don't you think?