Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Choosing a Digital Photo Frame

A while back I mentioned that I was thinking about getting a digital photo frame because all my pictures are digital now and I rarely print any out to put in frames, photo albums, or anything. I got a couple comments saying that while these frames look nice, they cost quite a bit. True, and as cheap as I am, I will definitely be doing my research before I finally break down and buy one.

I found some video reviews of digital photo frames at digital frames direct that might be quite helpful in helping me choose. I already learned that there are 5 important things to consider: the look, screen quality, display options, storage capacity, and whether or not you can send photos to the frame remotely. Did you know that some of these frames have timers so you can set what time they turn on or turn off, or light sensors so that they turn off when the lights go off? While price is a big consideration for me, I know it's also about what you get for the price, so I've still got some looking to do.

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  1. I saw a nice digital frame at the mall and I'm thinking of getting one. It would be nice way to display my favorite digital photos.

    BTW, if you have time to spare, I tagged you. Thanks.


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