Friday, March 28, 2008

Mr. Sticky

Every year when we go to the State Fair, we walk through lots and lots of exhibits with lots and lots of people trying to sell us something. We have bought several different things in the past - from magic color markers for the kids to Oxy Ball laundry detergent balls to some great smelling shoe cleaner. Sometimes we're really pleased with our purchases, and other times we wonder how we got suckered into it. Usually everything costs $19.99 or something like that, and they throw in an extra this, that or the other thing to the first 5 people who buy. I'm sure you know what I mean.

This last summer, since we had just gotten the cat, when we saw the demonstration for Mr. Sticky, we decided this was the product to buy this year. I just want to say that I love Mr. Sticky! We have white cat hair everywhere - on people's clothes (Cory wears a lot of black), on the furniture, everywhere. Mr. Sticky picks it up so nicely. Then, simply run it under warm water, and the cat hair slides right off. Dry Mr. Sticky, and it is ready to pick up more cat hair.

Definitely worth the $24.99 for the regular size Mr. Sticky, the travel size Mr. Sticky, and the extra large jumbo size Mr. Sticky. Just saying - because I just finished cleaning the cat hair off the couch cushion next to me - the one Tillie claims as her own when just the two of us are home so she can be right next to me.

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