Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yeah, I Can Read

Really, I can. Sometimes I wonder, though. Today I was putting together a deposit for the Band Boosters. Cory's got a band thing today at UWM, and they're not getting back until 4:30. So, since I've got to head over there anyway, I figured I should stop at the bank. I've got money for Spiritwear, money from concessions, money for candy bars, all kinds of money, and most of it is cash. I listed all the checks on the back of the deposit slip then noticed a little table for currency - how may 50s, 20s, 10s, etc. I was planning to recount the cash anyway, because I'm obsessive like that. I really hate going in to deposit money, having them count it, and finding out I counted wrong. Anyway, since I'm counting anyway, I fill in the table - 20s, 10s, 5s, a whole bunch of 1s. The whole time I'm thinking, I don't remember doing this last time. Did I do this last time?

About the time I get it all done and added up, I actually read past the part that says "Currency Count" - the part where it says "For Financial Institution Use Only" So that explains it. I didn't do that last time. I wasn't supposed to do that. So, I pulled a new deposit slip out of the checkbook and started over. I better grab some more deposit slips while I'm at the bank.

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  1. We are all entitled to have a blond moment every now and then, but lately my blond moments are turning into blond months. lol


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