Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Everything All at Once

Cory had a Jazz Band trip this afternoon. They left school shortly after lunch, went to Stonefire Pizza Co. to eat and have fun, and then went and performed. They were supposed to get back to school at 5:30, and Cory had signed up to try out for the play at 6:10. I had a library board meeting at 6:30 tonight, so I was thinking Jeffrey would have to pick Cory up - except for the fact that Jeffrey was over at the elementary school getting ready for the drama club performance of Grease. Cory had a TLC (Teen Library Council) meeting tonight, too, so he needed to be at the library at 6:30. So, I planned to pick Cory up at school, and then head back to the library for our meetings, figuring we would just be a little late. I even got to drive Jeffrey's car for maybe the 4th time, since he took the van for all the sound stuff.

As I was driving over to school trying to figure out how to turn the lights on - they're not automatic, and I've never driven the car at night - I was thinking how convenient it would have been if Cory had his meeting last week like originally planned. Then, when he got done with his audition, he could just walk over to the elementary school and watch the play and then help his dad pack everything up when it was over. When I actually got there to pick Cory up, he told me that it had actually been a group audition that was supposed to last from 6-8, but he couldn't get a phone to call me, because he would have skipped his meeting and stayed for the audition. Then he could have walked over to the elementary school and helped his dad pack up. That would have saved me a trip and let me get to my meeting on time, but, since I was already over there, and he's still going to get to be in the play, he jumped in the car, I figured out how to turn the lights on, and we headed to the library for our meetings. We were just a little late.

His was finished before mine, so he got a ride home instead of waiting for me. Now I'm home, and we're still waiting on Jeffrey. No telling how long he'll be.