Friday, March 14, 2008

Selling Insurance Just Got Easier

My dad tried selling insurance once. He didn't do very well at it, and that job didn't last long. I'm not sure what the reason was. Maybe it was just the difficulty of finding customers. Back then most Insurance Leads probably came from going door to door or calling people from the phone book. Nowadays there are a whole lot more tools salesmen can use to make their business successful.

ZipSearch is one of those. It's a professional lead generation service that helps to bring together actively interested customers with the businesses who want to serve them. In other words, they can put that insurance salesman in contact with people who want insurance. They promise the highest quality leads at the most affordable prices.


  1. Anna

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    Luiz - from São Paulo-Brazil

  2. My dad sold insurance too. I'm pretty sure he did not enjoy it muc, but he stuck with it. This new service you mention sounds great for salespeople!

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