Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm a Great Mom

I just received a call from an unfamiliar cell phone. It was Cory. He borrowed someone's phone to tell me that his meeting had been canceled and he's on the bus on his way home. The thing is - I forgot he was supposed to have a meeting, so I wouldn't have been on my way to pick him up if he had stayed. Oops.

Good thing the meeting was canceled or Cory might have been hanging out at school for a while, or at least until he could find a phone to call me, and then I would still have had to drive over there.

None of the rest of you have ever forgotten you needed to pick your kid up, have you?


  1. I think you are a great mom and a good friend too!!! :o)

  2. HAHAHAHAHHHAA you don't even want to go there. I have had 3 at different things getting out at 3 different times, I have gone to one at the wrong time so many times... oh wait did I say ONE,, eyah scratch that. so yeah nice to meet ya in the same club.

  3. We all have forgetful moments...I have quite a


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