Monday, March 31, 2008

This is Going to Look Nice

We bought one ceramic floor tile yesterday. We went to several places looking to see what we like. Who knew there were so many different colors and styles and finishes? I did decide right away that I do not want anything shiny and slick. Of course, I've never liked shiny in much of anything. Back when I was using film cameras and having to get all my pictures printed, I always got the matte finish instead of glossy. For a floor that I plan to walk on, I definitely don't want shiny and especially not slick. Imagine walking on that in socks.

I found a couple different ones I liked, and a good friend of ours who knows about this kind of stuff suggested that we buy one tile, bring it home, step on it, put some water down, etc. - to see how it feels. Is this something I'm going to be comfortable standing and walking on? That sounds obvious, but we didn't think of it on our own. It's going to go in the kitchen, dining room, and front entry - so there's going to be a lot of standing and walking on it. We bought the one tile, and Jeffrey is going to go back and get the other one we kind of liked today. That way we can compare them and decide which one we like better. I'm starting to be able to picture it, and this is really going to look nice.


  1. Hey that's a really smart idea. I would have never thought of that. You'll have to post some pictures when it's all done. :o)

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