Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ready for the Snow

Shopping today. It always takes me a while to get out of the house because I have to go through the ads and make sure I have all the coupons. I thought I was doing pretty good when my friend Mary called, and when we get on the phone, we don't get off quickly. We work together every year on the school district wall calendar, and this will be our last year. Actually we were thinking last year would be our last, but we've agreed to do it one more time. After that, the district will either go without or have to find someone else to do it. I can't remember if this is the 5th or 6th year. I know Mary did it one year before I got involved, but she's moving away from the area, and I know the project would never get done without everything she does. So, I said I'm not doing it without her. Besides, it's a lot of work.

Anyway, I got out of the house, finally, and went over to Walmart, where I had to get new tires put on the van while I was shopping. Once I got that done, I still had to go to Walgreens and Pick 'n Save, so Cory was definitely already home by the time I got here. Actually, he was already home by the time I left Walmart, because I called him then to see how he was getting along. Beth was home, too, but she had to leave for work way before I got there. Jeffrey was home, too - so both Jeffrey and Cory helped me carry everything in. That's always nice. I mean, I picked it up, paid for it, and loaded it into the van - the least they can do is help me carry it in, right? Then, of course, I had to get everything put away - and after all that, I'm not going shopping again for a very long time!

It's supposed to snow tonight. They keep changing the forecasted amount, so who knows how much we'll actually get. I've heard up to a foot. We already know there's no school tomorrow since they're already out for Spring Break, and we're all stocked up and could be snowed in for a month or so! Of course, it's already Spring, so no matter how much snow actually falls, it's bound to melt rather quickly so we can get on with our lives. Still, with the work I should start doing on the calendar, I might as well be snowed in, since I won't actually have time to go anywhere for a while.