Friday, March 07, 2008

Sky Watch Friday (#13)

It's Friday again, and that means Sky Watch Friday!

This sunrise is from a couple weeks ago, but I thought it was appropriate for today. When Jeffrey and I walked out the door this morning, I said, "Appreciate it now." The sky was light. The clouds were starting to turn pink. It was a glorious morning! Next week when we walk out the door, it will still be dark. We turn our clocks forward this weekend, meaning we will lose an hour of daylight in the morning so we can have an extra hour in the evening. It's kind of sad, even though I walk in the dark all winter, and I know it won't be long and we will have our morning light again.

When I Walk Out the Door
February Sunrise

If you enjoy looking at the sky as much as I do, you'll want to check out Sky Watch Friday. It's hosted this week at Wiggers World, so run over there to join in or just to see lots of wonderful sky pictures.


  1. Wonderful pair of photos. This time of day is rich in color and texture. You capture the beauty so well.

  2. I agree the precedent post.
    You'll change your clock earlier than we'll do in France.
    It's a little bit difficult to wake up in the morning but so nice to get longer evening.

  3. Hi Anna
    These really are beautiful.. and the colouring as been captured so well.

    Thank you for linking to Sky Watch it was good of you to takle the time to do that. Have a great weekend and a great week blogging catch up withyou again soon.


  4. Fantastic colors, beautiful images, well done.

  5. Two great photos.
    The first one seems like someone spread rays of light in the sky.
    Truly beautiful.

  6. oh man I use to hate that,, We here stay the same time always,,,

    Hope you have a great weekend.. come by and see my post and then follow the link you will be glad you did.

  7. Great photos.
    I don't like changing the clocks and wish we could just leave the time as it is. They do in Arizona - I might have to move there. :-)

  8. Nice photo and nice color! Beautiful!!
    Have a nice weekend:)

  9. Gorgeous pictures - you always have the most beautiful sky shots... :)

  10. Gorgeous captures Anna! I especially love that first shot - it's beautiful!

  11. These are both wonderful, the colors are so rich and unique! Great catch.

  12. Beautiful colours, like my post...

    Have e nice weekenk!

    Look Good Readings

    Santilli, from Brazil


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