Friday, March 14, 2008

No Tax Credit

Jeffrey started working on the taxes last night. We always get a refund, so you'd think he'd do them as soon as possible every year, but he doesn't. That's beside the point - the point is, he came upstairs and said he doesn't like the way things are looking this year. My first thought was that since I started making money blogging, and we have to pay taxes on those earnings, that that was the problem. Hopefully we aren't going to have to pay.

No, it wasn't that. Beth turned 17 in 2007. As soon as a child turns 17, you no longer get to claim the child credit - that's a $1000 credit. I can see how that would make a difference. The thing is, it doesn't matter when in the year your child turns 17, even if it's December 31. You still lose the credit. That probably means we won't get the $300 per child the government is going to give us for her, either. Seriously, teenagers are expensive!


  1. I'm confused,because we claimed my husband's daughter up until this year, and she's 19, but since she was enrolled in school full time, we could still claim her.

  2. We can still claim her as a dependent. We just don't get the child tax credit. I guess that was $1000 on top of whatever you get for having a dependent.

  3. WAIT A MINUET HERE,,, WHAT,,, NO ,,,we have claimed our girls we pay for over 50% of their living expences... you better check that one my dear good luck ooooo I just looked over at yoru comment I got it now sorry hav a nice day


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