Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Open Windows!

My computer says it's 29° outside. (ETA: that's 29° Fahrenheit. I need to remember to be specific, don't I?) The sun is shining, and the back sliding door is wide open. No, I don't normally open up the windows when it's only 29° - though compared to some of the temperatures we've had around here recently, that's warm. No, the back door is wide open because Beth decided this afternoon was a good time to do her nails. She actually went and got them done a little while ago, but they didn't do a good job or she's too hard on them or something, and they're all off now. She wants some fingernails so that she will stop biting her nails, and she doesn't think she can just stop. I think she can do anything she decides that she is going to do, but never mind what I think.

So, anyway, the nails are all off, so she stopped at Walmart on the way to work yesterday and bought a kit to put her own nails on. The kids got out of school early today, so she had some extra time. Perfect time to do the nails, right? Except that she sat down at the dining room table to do them, and the smell soon took over the entire house. Cory, Tillie, and I retreated to the basement for a while, but I can't sit down there forever. Actually, I should be working on the computer down there, but that's going to have to wait until tomorrow. So, I opened the back door, hoping the fresh air will help to clear out the smell in here. I think it's cleared out a little, but it's still bothering me. I think there's something toxic in those acrylic fumes. It's more than just the smell; it's the way it makes me feel.

I told Beth that if she's going to do that again, she needs to go into her own room and close the door. She's had her nails done before. She knows how it smells. She knows things like that bother me. What does she say? She didn't think it smelled bad. Eventually I'll have to shut the back door, before it gets too cold in here, but, in the meantime, Tillie is enjoying it. She's sitting right by the screen looking out at everything, enjoying the feel of the air on her face.

After all this, Beth better stop biting her nails.


  1. That glue is pretty potent stuff. I have a meme and an award for you. :o)

  2. Anna, it's 29 degree here - but that's Celsius!!

    Beth, a friend of mine told me (years ago) that nail-biting was a question of mind over matter - and I stopped biting my nails immediately.

    I want you to report back to me in a week!! And have your Mum endorse your report!!

  3. oh she won't ,, was she at my house cloned? yeah we just eat off hte fake ones next. I so hope she payed for htem in the first place. So I ma late and do not come all the time sorry but did she get to keep the job?

  4. My daughter is finally getting over biting her nails. I don't know what she did to stop but she has nails and now I have to put up with the smell of the nail polish and polish remover. P...U...What a smell lol

  5. I hope it works!

    My girls know by now that their mum will migrate to the Sahara, should they ever dare to use nail paint around her again.

    I came over from David.

  6. Please tell me it's Fahrenheit! If 29 degrees C is cold then are you cold blooded? lol

    Those acrylics do stink. Yes - in her room, BUT, she must have ventilation. A window must be open. Too dangerous otherwise.
    Excellent post. Over from David's.

  7. Ah nails and young women ..

    Great post.

    David sent me!

  8. Hi Anna. I wandered over from David's, following the scent of fingernail polish.

    Fun post!


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