Friday, March 21, 2008

Cory Needs New Boots

Cory was complaining this afternoon when he came in from shoveling the driveway. His boots gave him a blister, and it's all my fault because I've known all winter that his boots were too small, and I haven't gotten him a new pair yet. Never mind that I'm not responsible for buying his clothes any more. That's why we give him money every month. Never mind that I'm not actually in a store much more than he is, so he should have looked for and bought his own boots. Besides, with those growing feet of his, how in the world would I have known what size to buy him?

I did look at boots when I went to Walmart yesterday. They had 3 pair I thought might work, but I didn't know which size to go for. I guess we'll have to make a trip to look for boots - together - and hope there will be some left. It's kind of frustrating that all the summer clothes are in the stores, and winter hasn't left us, yet.


  1. Hey Anna I just noticed you have a pr2 now. When did they do that and when can I get one? :o)

  2. isn't it funny that when THEY WANT us to be in their lives we should have but when we want to be in their lives we are butting in and MOTHER I CAN DO IT comes out.... too funny I love it... I told my 17 yar old that I am total 100% mom or I am 0%and sit back and watch till she falls on her face. have a great weekend stop by and see our day yesterday not a good one. but God had it in his plan to keep all safe.


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