Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hi, Philadelphia

How about that? If you Google "beth in leather pants" my blog comes up #1. I wonder if the searcher noticed that it wasn't Beth in those leather pants. It was me, Beth's mom. Just interesting. I love that Feedjit widget!

Also, if you Google "beth and cory's mom" or "beth and corys mom" my blog and all kinds of other stuff about me comes up. That I would expect. Not saying there isn't some other mom out there who just happens to be Beth & Cory's mom - some other Beth and Cory, of course - but I'm the only one I know. So, really, it doesn't surprise me that someone searching for "beth and cory's mom" would find me. What does surprise me is that I regularly see that I have a visitor from Philadelphia who finds me through Google, using that very search. After several visits I started wondering why my Philadelphia visitor didn't simply bookmark my blog or subscribe instead of having to search every time. Then I started noticing that, while "beth and cory's mom" is the top keyword listed in Google Analytics, and "beth and corys mom" is the 2nd, the visitors who find me using those terms do not stay for any length of time. For a while there, the time spent on the site was 0, and my bounce rate was 100% - meaning that Philadelphia is searching for me, finding me, and then bouncing right out of there. Perhaps there's another Beth and Cory's mom in Philadelphia, and I don't have just one visitor from Philadelphia, but multiple visitors?

It does puzzle me, but maybe I'm growing on Philadelphia, because tonight I noticed that the time spent on the site has increased, and visitors looking for "beth and cory's mom" are staying for over a minute. So, if you're out there - Hi, Philadelphia! Nice to have you here.


  1. ok I am going to try it agian. When I put just a mom i get silly stuff not me,,, here goes,,,,,,

    Not "Just a Mom" - Inspirational Words of Wisdom

    Just A Mom, That's More Than Enough I READ HER,,,

    go me number 10 on the list niceeeee HAVE A GREAT EASTER...if you do Easter....
    Just A Mom (An Advocate Book): Betty Degeneres: Books

  2. I am going to have to put that on my blog. I would love to know who searches for me.


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