Thursday, March 27, 2008

Work, Break and Friends - When Do We Sleep?

Beth just called. She's on her way home from work. She's been working a lot this week, since it's Spring Break and she doesn't have school. She was scheduled to go in at 2pm Monday and Tuesday and then her normal time of 5pm Wednesday and Thursday, but Tuesday they asked her to go ahead and come in at 2:00 on Wednesday and Thursday. So she picked up some extra hours there. Since it takes the same amount of gas no matter how many hours she works, it's good to get as many hours as possible when she does go in.

Anyway, since she's on her way home, I should shut things down and go wash my face and brush my teeth and get to bed at a decent time. It seems we don't get to bed very early any more since someone is usually waiting for Beth to get home. This working until 10:00 or later and then having to drive home means she's not usually here until 10:30 at the earliest and 10:45 or later most nights this week. Jeffrey's been going off to bed anyway the last several nights. You know he's 4 years older than I am - so he needs more sleep. :P

Cory has his friends from the library over tonight, too, so someone has to stay up until they leave - which will probably be when Beth gets here or soon thereafter. They're all downstairs playing games on the Wii and GameCube. It's nice that he can have them over because he doesn't see them very often. He knows them from the library and TLC, but none of them go to his school. We live right on the edge of the school district, so that, even though they live close, they all go to a different school. At least they have the library.

OK - getting ready for bed. That was the point. Until tomorrow then.

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  1. oh man what is up with the men,, how come they can go to bed before the kids get in the house but we are awake untill they hit the bed... yeah know this one too well.. hope spring is on it's way for ya.


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