Friday, March 21, 2008

Education and Experience

Because we've got two kids in high school, we are constantly getting letters and information from various colleges and universities. There are so many! How do students even begin to choose? I guess that's why they send so much information.

105/365 Colleges

Today I read about a very interesting and unique opportunity offered by Kettering University. Students not only receive a quality classroom education at Kettering, they also get hands-on education and experience through Kettering's engineering co-op programs. Students are placed with companies in their freshman year, and work and study year around, in alternating 3-month periods. No waiting until graduation to put what they are learning in the classroom to practical use. I also like the idea that the students are getting work experience while in college, instead of waiting for graduation, looking for a job, and being told they have 'no experience'. Kettering students gain up to two and a half years of 'real world' experience by graduation.

U.S. News & World Report publishes their America's Best Colleges Guide every year, and Kettering has ranked #1 in industrial engineering ( Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering to be exact) for 8 years in a row. That speaks very highly of their program. They also came in at #11 overall in the Best Program category.

I'm going to have Cory take a look at Kettering to see what he thinks. Michigan isn't so far away, is it?