Thursday, March 06, 2008

Choosing a Web Host

Getting my own domain was a big step for me, but so far I haven't taken the next step and moved my blog from the free hosting I have here with Blogger. I'll admit, I really don't know much about web hosting providers and how to choose the right one for me. A site like Web Hosting Bluebook sounds like something I can use to help me. It's an online guide to popular web hosts. The front page lists the top 10 web hosts, like 1and1, bluehost, GoDaddy, and hostmonster. Some of these I've heard of before, and some I haven't.

The hosts are all reviewed by experienced webmasters - people who have actually tried and used these hosts. The sites are ranked by price, reliability, popularity, features, control panel, overall ease of use and support. Of course, as cheap as I am, price would probably be my highest priority, but ease of use is probably even more important, and support, since I really know nothing about having my own web host. You can click on any of the hosts listed and get more information such as their main features and what kind of reputation the company has. You can even check to see how long they've been around and the percentage of uptime. I see that the ranking was last updated today, so it looks like the rankings and opinions are kept current, which is good to know.

When I'm ready to choose a web host, I'll be looking at the reviews on Web Hosting Bluebook to help me. Also, I'm going to take some advice I read on the site and ask my friends. What hosting companies are you using, and are you satisfied with them?

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  1. You and me both. I am a little frustrated with's restrictions but there is also much to like. I have been toying with hosting my own site for sometime but can't quite make the jump. I have yet to come to a host company that I feel comfortable with some seem quite complicated.


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