Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

To celebrate the first day of Spring, I removed the adorable snowmen from my blog and put them away until next winter. Of course, since I live in Wisconsin, I'm probably being overly optimistic. They're calling for snow Friday night I think. Oh well, I refuse to dwell on that. I want to start looking for signs of Spring, so I replaced the snowmen with some flowers.

I read on someone's blog today (Sorry, I forget where I was) that one of the signs of Spring is that the firemen are jogging in shorts again. Sounds good to me! I did see someone running down the street in shorts yesterday. I don't think he was a fireman, but I'll take it as a sign anyway.

Since I'll be waiting a while on the real flowers, I think this Flower Garden is fun. Just click anywhere on the screen and see what happens.


  1. We are forecast "heavy snow" for Sunday, I so hope we get some, we've not had a flake all winter!


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