Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Starting Over

I get used to having all kinds of information in my browser. When I start to type in a url that I visit frequently, my browser knows what I want or at least suggests a list of several that start with that letter, narrowing it down the more letters I type in. I never have to type the whole url in. I just use the arrow key to move down to the one I like, hit enter, and away I go.

Recently I installed Norton Systemworks on my computer. Not only does it include the antivirus program, which is very important, it has all kinds of other stuff utilities to make my computer work better. One of those very helpful things deletes all my temporary internet files and means I have to start over with my browser - training it to help me visit all the places I regularly visit. By the time I have it all trained again, Norton wants to help me out all over again.

Here's one of those sites I've been using regularly but haven't bookmarked: a script @ OBLife.com that lists the latest bloggers who have dropped their Entrecard on you. I had to go find the post where I first mentioned it in order to find it again. I'm really liking this script. It gives me a list of the last 50 bloggers who have dropped on me. The links all go directly to the blog (one click) and they open in a new window or tab, so ideally you can click, drop, close the tab, and move on to the next one. Except that I click, drop, read, scroll... and sometimes even comment. So much for saving time... LOL!