Thursday, March 06, 2008

Updates I Should Have Made

Jaye asked me yesterday if Beth got to keep her job, and I realized that I never did let you know what happened, did I? Yes, she got hired permanently, so she gets to keep working and making money to pay for her gas and insurance and other stuff like cat food and cat litter. They took longer than they were supposed to to let her know, but in the meantime, she was still getting hours. She is also finally moving out of the fitting room and out into a department, so she's happy about that. She was tired of standing in one place all night. Currently she works Sundays and two nights a week, but this week she's working an extra night. Since she insists that there's never any homework, she might as well be working. Of course, all she wants to do is spend time with Tim, but he's sick this week anyway.

About Tim, he's pretty much kept himself out of trouble and has been working on paying us and everyone else back. We've got part of our money back, and we know where he lives...

Jeffrey's car went into the shop to get fixed Tuesday afternoon, and he picked it up after work yesterday, so it's all fixed. He got a copy of the police report, and, even though they didn't give her a ticket, the police had listed the cause of the accident as 'failure to yield' and therefore her fault. So he called the lady who pulled out in front of him and told her he wanted her insurance to pay for it, and after some paperwork and not much runaround at all, they mailed him a check. They also paid for a rental car so he had something to drive while the car was in the shop.

Anything else you're wondering about? Leave me a comment, and I'll try to bring you up to date so you're not just sitting there or losing sleep wondering what happened.