Monday, March 17, 2008

Somebody Has to Iron the Shirts

I'm doing laundry today. I always do laundry on Monday. I know some people do laundry every day, but I figure, while I'm digging through the clothes hampers and sorting clothes, I might as well do it all. We all definitely have enough clothes to make it through a whole week. The kids usually have their clothes all over the floors in their rooms until Monday morning when I tell them I need their laundry. Then they pick things up and cram them into the laundry hamper in their bathroom. Why they can't just put the clothes in there throughout the week is beyond me. How they know which clothes are actually dirty and need to go into the laundry is beyond me. I keep thinking I should get each of them their own laundry basket or hamper for their rooms. Then maybe they will throw the dirty clothes in there instead of leaving them all over the floor. Then again, probably not.

As I was sorting clothes this morning, I realized that I am going to have to iron this week. Jeffrey is going to be reminding me that he needs shirts before too long. There are about 3 of them hung down in the laundry room from last week's laundry, and there were 2 or 3 more in this week's laundry. So, on my list - iron sometime this week. Then I got to the kids' laundry and found Cory's white dress shirt in there - another thing that needs ironed, and this needs ironed today. He's got a band concert tonight, and he has to wear it. It took me a while to remember why the shirt is in the laundry anyway. They had a band trip to UWM last week, and he wore it then.

I guess I don't get to put off the ironing until later in the week...


  1. I don't like ironing and usually iron as needed.. and as little as possible!

  2. I don't iron unless I absolutely have to. LOL

  3. I am not big into ironing but the timing to get the clothes out of the dryer is important...
    We do from 2-3 loads of laundry a day here which is no problem but I am a bit slack on putting them away. Everyone has their own pile of folded laundry set aside in the laundry room.


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