Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Does it Never End?

Cory had a band concert last night, so he had to be there by 6:00. The concert didn't start until 7:00, but they need time to warm up and all that. So we had a quick dinner and headed out of the house a little before 6:00. Jeffrey set up microphones and the sound system so he could record the concert for the band director and so that the kids could be heard. You can hear the band just fine, but before every song, one of the kids gets up and tells a little about the song they are playing, so those kids need to be heard. Getting there early is good because it gives Jeffrey time to get set up.

The concert started at 7:00 with the Middle School band playing first, and then they switched and the High School band played. The concert was really good, then it was time to pack up and come home - except first Jeffrey had to go over to the elementary school to drop off some equipment. The middle school drama club is doing Grease tonight, and Jeffrey is helping them with the sound. He went over and helped them Saturday morning and set up most of the equipment, so there wasn't a whole lot to do, but still, we didn't get home until after 9:00. And I still had to put the sheets back on the bed and fold clothes, and there were dishes that needed washed, and there just wasn't enough time.

I did the best I could - made the bed, folded the clothes, left the dishes, made Jeffrey a sandwich, - while he watched TV and Cory messed around on his computer. That's the way it seems to work, even when we don't have a concert or something to attend. I'm still trying to get things done - cleaning up the kitchen or something - past the time when I'd like to be sitting down, too, visiting blogs or something. I guess that's why I shouldn't feel guilty for the time I spend online during the day, because, even if I worked non-stop the whole day, there would still be stuff that needed done in the evening, and I would still have to do it. I've got to take my time when I can find it.

I am going to have to get those dishes done today.


  1. Nope, I don't think it ever ends. Dishes especially - I have a sinkful at home calling my name that I've been quite successful at ignoring so far... ;)


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