Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cat vs. Laptop

I just almost dropped my computer on the floor. That would not be a good thing - not at all. It's probably because it's not on my lap properly. Somebody's cat came and climbed into my lap, in between me and my computer. Instead of moving her off, I moved the laptop further away from me, leaving room for the cat. Do you know how hard it is to type over the top of a cat?

I told you she was spoiled.


  1. My puppy loves to sleep at my feet at my computer desk.

  2. This happens to us here ALL the time.. She particularly loves to get on the desk, right in front of the monitor, when my partner is using the desktop computer, and she's not even our cat!

    But she's cute :)

  3. That was her spot last night and this morning - on my son's desk in front of his monitor. He had to push her down a few times so he could see what was on the screen.

    It sounds like that cat thinks she's your cat.


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