Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What a Mess!

...or... a watched mug never boils, but turn your back, and it goes everywhere!

I have this habit of making hot cocoa out of my coffee. If I drink part of my coffee but it gets cold, I do not like the way it tastes when I warm it up - unless I add some hot cocoa to it. Yum, mocha! Well, usually I warm the coffee up, add the cocoa mix, stir it up, and then warm it up some more, and then add the marshmallows. I usually keep an eye on it, but there's never any problem. It just warms up nicely and gets kind of foamy.

Today, while I was warming it up, I came over to the computer to check on something. While I wasn't watching, the cocoa boiled over and spilled all over the microwave. Luckily I have the turntable that is easy to take out and rinse off. The mug is a mess, and ended up only half full. It tastes pretty good, though - more like dark chocolate than the usual milk chocolate flavor.

Oh, and I blame Cory for getting me hooked on this hot cocoa thing. We buy the big cans of it at Sam's, and he goes through it like crazy.


  1. I have to say that I have found a new addiction - thanks. I hope that it isn't too fattening! lol

  2. mmmm i have tried the hot choc and coffee before. delicious

    I want one now. damn no coffee lol


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