Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cooking Barbecue Ribs in a Blizzard

I made barbecued ribs for dinner Friday. It had been a while since I made them, so I was online looking to see how I was supposed to cook them without having to take the grill cover off the grill, and I found a page titled, "Cooking barbecue ribs in a blizzard." I thought that was pretty appropriate since it was snowing rather heavily all day, though I didn't follow that recipe. I think we got 9 or 10 inches of snow throughout the day. What a great way to welcome Spring, huh? A blizzard and some barbecue. I ended up baking the ribs until done with some salt, pepper, garlic powder, and some onion, and then smothering them with barbecue sauce and baking them again. They were fall apart yummy and messy!

I thought about warming up the leftovers - it was a big package - today, but instead we're having hot dogs. Jeffrey looked at the package and decided I was trying to mess his diet up - because the hot dogs have too many calories and too much fat. I agree, they do probably have too many calories, but it's not like we have them all the time. They're really easy for a Sunday. Those ribs probably had more calories and fat, because they were really greasy, but there was no package to tell him that.

I did remember to cook the dogs on the George Foreman grill this time. I used to cook hot dogs in the microwave, and they're OK, but since we got the George Foreman grill, no one wants them cooked in the microwave any more. They never used to complain, but Cory for one complains loudly now. I know because last time we had hot dogs, I forgot I had the George Foreman, and I cooked the dogs in the microwave.

Speaking of complaining, I should probably complain because Cory got hold of the remote and turned on some disturbing TV show. What is that show called? Family Guy - disturbing, but Cory thinks it's funny.


  1. We got the barbecue going on Saturday no flurries and all. My dad just got a great recipe for ribs from my uncle that I can't wait to get my hands on!

    I hope you have a great week :o)


  2. When you have to BBQ, you have to BBQ, no matter what the weather is doing. You're right, Family Guy is a distrubing show. I disturbed myself for laughing at it.


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