Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pinching My Pennies

I was talking with someone the other day, and the conversation moved to the cost of living and how the cost of practically everything has gone up recently. She looked at me and said, "You're feeding a family. I can't imagine." The conversation moved on, and we never really had a chance to discuss it, but it got me to thinking. I know food prices have been going up, but am I really spending a lot more than I used to? I don't really think that I am.
Coupon Pile Stock Photo
Like I've said before, I put a lot of effort into cutting Grocery Coupons and reading the ads so that I can get the best deal possible on everything I buy. When something is on sale and I have coupons, that's when I buy it. That's when I stock up so that I don't run out and have to buy it when it's not on sale. My freezer is full. My pantry is full. Also, a really big thing is that I don't buy a lot of pre-made convenience foods, and I know that saves money. I'm home. I have time to cook, so I don't have to rely on those convenience food, though I know they are life savers for many working moms.

Today I found the Penny Pinching Gazette, and it looks like my kind of site. Here you can print out Free Grocery Coupons, look at online grocery circulars - to combine those coupons savings with the sales, get recipes, and read some helpful articles. With the cost of everything increasing, it's great to have new resources to help save every penny possible.


  1. It sounds like all the effort you put into getting coupons and watching for sales is working well for you! I love to save money too! Bargains make me very happy! LOL!

  2. I won't buy anything unless I get a deal. I have my little pile of coupons in my purse!

    Every little bit of money saved will all add up :0)



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