Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Won't They Just Shut UP?

I was watching Good Morning America. Next thing I know my local news is on. Breaking News - Brett Favre is retiring. So, for the last 45 minutes or so, they have been going on and on and on about it. Who really cares? OK, so maybe some people care, but seriously? They could tell us this during their regular news time. Interrupting regular programming is just plain rude. I'd rather watch infomercials about acne treatment than hear them going on and on about some guy who can't even pronounce his name the way it's spelled - and they honestly aren't even sure whether he really is retiring. No, wait - I'd rather watch the shows that are supposed to be on.

Of course, this is the same news crew that just had to break into Oprah to let us know the verdict was in on the wife poisoning case - the 10 year old case that just finally went to trial. They couldn't wait 15 minutes and tell us during regular news time?

Really, who decides what is breaking news? What is important enough to break into regular programming? So big you can't cover it during the regular time alloted to TV news? A national disaster, maybe? Amber alert?


  1. Yeah...who really cares about ridiculous things like that, its not important news to break through our daily news, I was watching good Morning America this morning...;)

  2. My sister is in mourning over brett favre. I told her to get a life!

  3. I have no idea who this Brett guy is, but all I've been watching for the past two days is Thomas. LOL!

  4. Right - it's not important news, but unfortunately (in this case) we live in Wisconsin, and in Wisconsin, they think Brett Favre is God. I can only hope that they will stop pushing the Green Bay Packers down our throats once he's gone. Wishful thinking, I know.

    They're interrupting my shows again now to talk about it again. I wish they would just shut up!

    Tammy this Brett guy is some guy who has been paid good money to play a sport for the last 17 years or something. He ought to just get a real job!

  5. Got to love the news...lol
    I have something for you on my jabber jaws blog :0)


  6. ok so I live in the dark ages but WHO IS THAT?????


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