Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Break? What Break?

Spring Break starts Friday, and the kids get a week off school. Cory was saying this morning he wished it was 2 weeks. I asked him what he thought he would do for 2 weeks, and he said, "Sleep." I guess he'll just have to make do with 1 week of extra sleep. Normally, when the kids don't have school, I get a little extra sleep, too because I don't get up until Jeffrey does, and then I walk after he leaves for work. Since he's walking with me now, I'll still have to get up at normal time so we can walk before he leaves for work. So much for break.

Cory has some art classes at the library during break - two of them in the afternoon, and one starts at 11am, so he'll have to get up before noon at least that one day. I figure, at least one of those days, he should go ahead and volunteer a couple hours, while he's already at the library. Once he gets involved in play practice after Break, he'll have less time for volunteering, so he better do it while he has time.

Beth works every day during Break. Normally she thinks breaks from school are all about sleeping, too - and hanging out with her friends. She should be able to get that extra sleep, since the earliest she has to be at work is 2pm, but that doesn't leave any time for her friends. Extra money is good, though. That's what I keep trying to tell her.

It doesn't sound like much of a break for anybody, does it?

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  1. So if you have said,,, I have not seen. Being nosey and I AM ,, how is it with Beth and the boy? Is he still around? our break is over thank God.


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