Tuesday, March 25, 2008

They Don't Believe Me

Since Beth brought this cat home, it seems like she's never home.  Whether it's work, school, or the fact that she thinks staying home will kill her or something, she's always gone.  Then, when she does get home, she expects to grab Tillie and head off to bed.  Now that she's leaving the door cracked at night so the cat can get out to the litter box, she often ends up sleeping elsewhere.  I don't think Tillie knows she's supposed to be Beth's cat.

kitty 159I think Tillie thinks she's my cat.  Yes, I know, I'm the one who didn't want a cat.  However, I'm the one who is home with her all day, and she thinks it's her right to be on my lap or to have me pet her any time she wants.  When I tell Jeffrey and Cory how she acts, how she climbs into my lap or spends the day on the couch right next to me when I'm there, or waiting for me to come back when I'm not, I don't think they believe me.  She certainly doesn't act like that when anyone else is home, so I guess I can understand why they wouldn't believe me.

I think she does it on purpose.  The kids are on break, so Beth was home until 1:30 and Cory was home all day yesterday.  Tillie spent her day in 'her' chair, in between being picked up and held by Cory and sitting by the back door watching whatever was going on outside.  Today she spent the same way - until Beth left for work and I got back from taking Cory to the library.  As soon as I got back, Tillie got up off 'her' chair and came over to lay on the couch.  She's sleeping right next to me now.  (The picture is from another day.  Today she's stretched out on her side sleeping right there.)

Silly cat.  She really does crack me up.


  1. What a pretty cat! It's always interesting to see who a cat 'adopts' out of a family - it's definitely not always the person whose cat it's supposed to be, LOL. :)

  2. Hi, my brother saw a picture of your cat while surfing the internet - a bit random but she looks just like our late cat Milly. The same markings and everything, even my dad thought it was her! lol I'll send you a pic of you're curious :) x

  3. Jennifer,

    I'd love to see your cat. Maybe you could upload a picture somewhere and add a link here?


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