Thursday, March 06, 2008

Home Alone

Beth is at work, and Cory is volunteering at the library. You know what that means - Jeffrey and I are home alone, with no kids. Whatever can we find to do with ourselves?

Let's see, first we went through the audio books that are due at the library tomorrow. Since Jeffrey's been listening to books in his car, I've been grabbing books for him when we go to the library. It's hard to know what he'll like, so I pretty much grab anything that looks good and hope for the best. I recently got him one by David Balducci that he really liked, so I requested some more by that same author and got those. For now I'm going to take the other books I grabbed back to the library. Maybe I'll get them again sometime.

After the whole library book thing, well, I can't go into detail about that, but it's nice to know we can still amuse ourselves without the kids around, right? Now I'm going to have some chocolate and go clean up the kitchen so I'll be done in time to watch Survivor.

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