Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sometimes I Just Need a Maid

You all saw the pictures of my daughter's room today. If you didn't, scroll on down, I'll wait. Now, the rest of my house looks much better than that, though I can easily look around and see so many things that need done. Since I'm the one home all day, that makes all the cleaning my job. I wonder what I would have to do to justify hiring a House Cleaning Service and letting someone else clean my house?

At MaidPro they have a vision of bathrooms and kitchens sparkling all across the nation, of beds made, and furniture polished, of shining hardwood floors, and freshly vacuumed carpeting. I have that same vision, well, not necessarily across the nation, just in my house. Unfortunately they don't service my area, so I will have to do my own cleaning, but feel free to check to see if they're available where you are. They offer high quality cleaning services and great customer service.


  1. Luiz is inviting you to visit


    If you have time!


  2. Since we moved I can't seem to be able to keep this house clean GRRR
    I might have to resort to a cleaning service as well LOL

  3. your daughters room would drive my crazy lol. god help me when my little ones grow up and get to that stage!

    I wish i had a maid sometimes. keeping on top of the house is hard work!

    Tina x
    From mummydiariescouk.blogspot.com

  4. Could someone send them over my way when they are done at your house? Thanks.


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