Friday, March 28, 2008

What to Do in Chicago and Elsewhere

In the past several years, we have spent most of our vacations in the Wisconsin Dells. Yes, I know, real far away, but there is plenty to do there, and we're familiar with the area, so we know what to go and do. Plus, we don't have to do everything while we're there because we know we'll be back before long. It's even close enough that we could drive over there for fun, even without being on vacation, for a weekend perhaps.

Chicago isn't very far from here either, and I know there are plenty of things to do in Chicago, but we rarely go that way. I do remember one time Jeffrey and I spent the weekend in Chicago. We met some friends for dinner, and we got there a little before they did, so we decided to get a drink in the bar while we waited. When Jeffrey went to pay for the drinks, he realized he didn't have his wallet! He had left it on the dashboard of the car after having to pay a toll. Then we got to the restaurant, and left the car with the valet for parking. Oops! So, Jeffrey left me in the bar with the drinks while he hitched a ride with one of the valet parking crew to wherever they had parked our car, and back. Luckily, the wallet was still there on the dashboard. He came back. Our friends arrived, and dinner was really good. Afterwards we walked around the streets of Chicago for a while just enjoying the sights.

Our friend lived and worked in the area, so he knew where to eat and what to do, but without someone to help you out with that, it's nice to have help from something like Trusted Tours & Attractions. You get family vacation ideas and discounts on attractions, like these tickets for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, should we ever make it to New York. I hear there are museums in Chicago, too, which I haven't visited. I missed my 8th grade trip to Chicago, and I haven't made it a point to go since.

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