Thursday, March 13, 2008

He Never Called

Occasionally our new TV just randomly turns itself off. Then it cycles through and turns itself back on. What's up with that? The other night it did it about 4 times in rapid succession so Jeffrey called the number from the user's manual. They said they'd send someone out to look at it. The next day someone called from the TV repair shop and said he would come look at it but first he wanted to get ahold of another customer in Eagle so he could combine his service trips. Makes sense to me, so I told him that would be fine, and he said he'd call back to let me know when he was coming.

He asked me what we had done to correct the issue, like did we unplug it and plug it back in. I told him I had no idea exactly what Jeffrey did, but he was back there behind the TV messing with something. There are so many cables and cords back there, I would have no idea what he was doing even if I happened to be watching to see exactly what he was doing. I don't know the difference between a CAT6 and a power cord, so I'd have things all messed up back there. We might end up with the TV connected to the internet and have no sound, or more likely it just wouldn't work at all.

Anyway, the guy never called back the entire day, and then he didn't call yesterday either. The TV didn't do its turn off thing, either. Who knows - maybe someone in the neighborhood has the same TV, and they just pointed their remote in our direction to mess with us?

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  1. oh taht is a pretty high number on my list of pet peeves,,, incompetent people hope it warms up there soon.


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