Friday, March 14, 2008

Duct Tape to the Rescue

New Pants
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About a year ago I bought myself some leather pants. Now, if you've never bought leather pants, you don't know that they come extra long so you can get them cut off to the right length. I was thinking I could just cut them off, but then realized that there are four seams down each leg. What's going to keep those seams from unraveling once I cut through them? A friend of mine suggested super glue, which might work. I asked when I went into Wilson's last time I was at the mall. I always walk in there just to breathe the leather smell, so we were in there anyway. The employee I talked to suggested taking it somewhere and having a professional do it. Whatever I really need to do about the pants, I haven't done it yet.

But remember I told you we are going to the REO concert? It's tomorrow night. Now, if there's ever a time to wear leather pants, it's to a concert, right? So today I put the pants on, figured about how much shorter they should be, turned them up, and used Duct tape to hold them up - a piece on each seam.

See, Duct tape is good for everything!


  1. You certainly look good in those - what we in UK call, trousers! (pants to us are the same as

    You have a great figure :)

  2. those are some hot pants! :)

    My husband is a firm believer in the powers of duct tape. So yeah, I believe you!

  3. I hold my life together with duct tape and coat hangers so I fully understand hemming with it. I often use tape to hem things, it works better than staples!

    You look fabulous in those pants don't take them off.

  4. You look absolutely HOT Anna! WoooHooo - you are gonna be turning some heads at that concert!

  5. OOOOOOooooooooooooo I thought I was the duct tape queen I bow to you..... have fun at the concert

  6. I've never seen duct tape looks so good!

  7. Anna, you look great in those pants! Wow to have your figure :0)


  8. That's very resourceful of you.

    I think you look great in those pants.


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